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– Personal Info –
As a reminder, only individuals are permitted to have accounts on TableTopolis, and each person can only have one account.

  • Your legal name: Zachary Reyburn
  • Country of residence: USA
  • Are you legally considered an adult in your country? (Y/N): Y

– Entity Designation –
Do you want your activity here as a Maker to represent another entity, like a business or a brand? If so, please fill in these items. Otherwise, leave them blank.

  • Entity name: Join In Games
  • If entity name exceeds 16 characters, including spaces, supply a shortened name:
  • Your relationship to the entity (owner, employee, contractor, other): Owner
  • Country of entity: USA
  • Is the entity a legally registered business in your country? (Y/N): Y
  • If the entity is a brand, is it a registered trademarked (or equivalent) in your country? (Y/N):
  • Does the entity already have a sub-category for its use here, due to a prior person submitting it through their application? (Y/N): N

– Public Info –

  • URL of your (or your entity’s) primary website: www.JoinIn.Games
  • You may list up to three previous published games you have personally created: None

– New Game Ideas Sub-Category –
If you entered entity info above, that will be your sub-category name.
Otherwise, your abbreviated legal name will be your sub-category name.
“[full First/Given] [initial of Last/Family/Surname]” - For example, “Jane Doe” becomes “Jane D”

  • Please confirm what that would be for you here:

– Initial Game –
If you already have a game concept that you want to work on, enter its info below. If not, that’s okay too! You can always fill out the Game Concept Application when you’re ready, or when you make additional games in the future.

  • Current game title (leave blank if unknown, for a temporary ID#):
  • Blurb (280 characters or less describing the game):
  • Game designer(s):
  • Game intellectual property owner:

A moderator will reply once everything is set up for you. We try to process applications weekly, but sometimes it doesn’t happen on the same day each week. In rare cases, it can take up to two weeks to work through our queue. We appreciate your patience.

Thank you for being a part of TableTopolis, and again: welcome home.

All set. Welcome home.