Work In Progress - Fashion Faux Paw

You are a world-famous fashion designer…for pets. Everyone wants their four-legged friend to be wearing the hot new outfits when they hit the red carpet and fashionista balls. You have to come up with the next trendsetting concepts and promote your designs at both of the yearly Fashion Weeks, going up against other designers with the same goal. Draft your outfit pieces, assemble your best creations, and send your models out on the runway! 3-6 players, 20-30 minutes, ages 8+.

Design story:
The theme is actually what I came up with first, but I also knew I wanted to create a super-accessible drafting game and it seemed to fit perfectly. Unfortunately, the first iteration of my drafting mechanic was paired with a thematic, but far too complicated, version of a variable economy. That’s obviously been shelved for consideration in a future game.

Current status:
My goal now is to find a way to have an open-information draft mechanic at the start of each game or each of two rounds. The thinking is that if adults are playing with some kids, they can easily help them along without having to use the demoralizing the “show me your hand” request. I’m also a proponent of kid-friendly games that also have an “advanced mode” to make them more interesting when only gamer adults are playing, but this game’s target audience might not stretch far enough into the hobby gamer audience to need that.

For now, I’m thinking something like this:

  1. Each player is dealt four random Combo Bonus cards, which go face-up in front of them. Each card shows two categories that players will want to have represented on that Combo Bonus card by the end of the game.

  2. Shuffle the deck of Fashion Pieces together. There are eight different categories (e.g. - “leather”, “animal print”, “elegant”, “denim”, etc) represented, and each category has 16 cards in the deck, two each of values 1 through 8. {Maybe some number of filler cards that don’t have a category, too.}

  3. The top four cards per player from the Fashion Pieces deck are placed face-up in the middle of the table.

  4. Give a random player the First Player marker, and then snake draft the Fashion Pieces clockwise. (The pick order for a three-player game would be 1-2-3-3-2-1-1-2-3-3-2-1.)

  5. When a player picks a card, they must attach it to one of their Combo Bonus cards as part of its outfit, so that each Combo Bonus card gets one Fashion Piece from this draft.

  6. Pass the First Player market clockwise, then repeat steps 3 through 5, with one additional rule: If a second Fashion Piece of the same kind would be attached to a Combo Bonus card, one must be discarded. Each outfit can only have one Fashion Piece from each category.

  7. Then score as follows:

    • Each player earns 1 Trendy Point for each Combo Bonus their attached outfit fulfilled.
    • Each player arranges their outfits in order from highest to lowest total value on the attached Fashion Pieces. Then compare everyone’s highest-value outfits, and the player(s) with the highest total value on their outfit gets 1 Trendy Point. Repeat for everyone’s 2nd-highest-value outfits, 3rd-highest-value outfits, and lowest-value outfits, rewarding the highest total value each time.
  8. Now conduct a third and fourth draft as above, passing the First Player marker clockwise before each draft. However, now there’s another option unlocked: Sabotage!

  9. To Sabotage, a player can instead use the Fashion Piece they pick to replace a card of the same category on another player’s outfit. Discard the replaced card.

  10. In addition, each outfit can only have up to three Fashion Pieces, so players are incentivized to use many picks to either Sabotage or upgrade some of their own Fashion Pieces by replacing them with higher-value cards of the same category.

  11. Then score again in the same manner as previously. The player with the most Trendy Points wins! In case of a tie, the tied players compare lowest-value outfits, and the highest total value wins. Repeat for 3rd-highest-value outfits and so on if necessary.

(Note: When I started typing that, it wasn’t this fleshed out. Glad to have gotten it out, though.)

“Advanced mode” could involve hidden information at the start, with hidden Combo Bonus cards until the first scoring. We could also add some secret goals to deal out at the beginning, like “If you have the highest total value outfit with an Elegant Fashion Piece at the end of the game, gain 3 Trend Points.”

Looking for thoughts and critiques before I get around to prototyping the basic version. Thanks for reading, and hopefully we get to start playtesting this one soon!