Welcome to So Many Problems!

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Welcome to the hub for So Many Problems from Join In Games on TableTopolis! If you’re new to SMP, let me introduce you first:


So Many Problems is the party game for people with problems. Like the description says:
Lightly competitive impromptu storytelling with 2-8 players who solve far-fetched problems while strategically using seemingly random story elements. Hilarity and ingenuity ensues.

Every round, each player gets three secret Element cards. Then they each draw and reads aloud their very own Problem card, like neutralizing an enemy or solving a mystery. Each player receives a face-down Element from three other players, and two more random Elements from the deck are shuffled with those. Now they all look at their five Elements, choose three to use in a hilarious solution to their own Problem, then share and laugh at everyone’s stories!

For scoring, your goal is to use the random Elements from the deck in your story, instead of the helpful ones from the other players. Problem is, you don’t know which Elements are which because they were shuffled first! Players score one point for each Element they contributed to another player that was used in that player’s solution, and one point for each random Element from the deck that they successfully used. Highest score after three rounds wins!

And here’s what makes So Many Problems an amazing and memorable experience: Each card belongs to a Theme, and each game is played with a combination of Themes. You might find yourself disarming an EMP device with astronaut ice cream, a bulletproof cape, and a two-foot-tall sandwich. Figure it out.

The first product in the So Many Products line is The Launch Pad Deluxe Box, featuring four fittingly varied Themes that have been tested and honed to meld together in a perfectly humorous way. Jump over to the game website to read more about all four unique Themes.

Get Involved:

The originally unique thing about Join In Games is our approach to creating. We want you, our audience, friends, fans, family, and community, to truly be a part of making games together.

It could be as simple as giving your first impression of a new game concept or suggesting something for a new card, or as in-depth as setting up a monthly playtest group in your local store to try out our early access prototypes and collect feedback.

Come participate in creation like never before, and be part of something bigger than us all: bringing people together.

Designer Journal:

Read more about how So Many Problems came to be, why we think now is the right time for its arrival, and a bit about my journey through tabletop that inspired this venture.