Upcoming Product - The Launch Pad Deluxe Box

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By the numbers:
4 Themes, 3-8 players (with variants for 2 and 9+), 270 cards, 30-45 minutes, nearly infinite combinations, and actually infinite fun.

Our Deluxe Box products are a perfect introduction to So Many Problems for any size group. This box includes a new Action card (Challenge Flag), player and deck area guide cards, and a number of blank cards for you and your friends to personalize your collection and experience.

The 4 Themes:

Improvising Secret Agent
As a master of both physics and chemistry, you have the incredible ability to combine materials in unimaginable ways to create the right tool for any scenario. As a government operative, you are the best tool for missions with unknown obstacles or parameters. You can get into and get out of any situation, and succeed at assignments no one else would dare attempt.

Long Shot Astronaut
Nearly infinite planning has gone into the preparation of your ambitious mission. And yet, something always seems to go terribly, terribly wrong in space. You’ll have to think on your feet while you’re floating in zero-gravity, dig through all of the supplies you have aboard, and come up with a creative way to get through the endless life-or-death situations you and your crew find yourselves in.

Not-So-Super Hero
Some superheros are born with gifts, like the ability to fly or extreme strength. You, on the other hand, are basically just really good at a hobby like archery or martial arts. Yet for some reason, you’re fighting side-by-side with overpowered demigods and a billionaire tech genius against world-threatening villains and disasters. Good luck surviving.

You Meddlesome Youths
You and your high school friends love solving mysteries where something doesn’t seem quite right. You bought a van, adopted a dog that sounds like it is trying to talk, and are taking cases from spooky and slightly suspicious property owners.

Game Store Exclusive (read more about our exclusivity here)
Anticipated release: October 2020
Anticipated MSRP: $29.95

Make sure to pre-order your copy with your Local Game Store (LGS) starting January 23rd, 2020. It’s the only way to guarantee you get the early bird promo cards in the limited first print run!

Think of it like an LGS-starter!
Please expect to pay up-front to reserve a copy at your store, just like you would with a Kickstarter campaign. Pre-ordering games is risky for many game stores, and takes additional effort. Early payment can help convey the importance of supporting in-store organized play and stocking the game beyond release. Together we can fight the hype machine that is killing amazing games and their potential for building long term communities.