Major Release Box 01 v3.01 - Give us your suggestions!

(This is a test post that I am editing as I figure out how to best format it going forward. I’ll remove this line when it’s actually ready.)

Version 3.01 of So Many Problems: The Launch Pad Deluxe Box is available now.
Links to the files and the online game have been sent to everyone on our email list. Sign up here if you haven’t yet, and your welcome email will include the new links.

If you need to see what you’re missing out on first, check out the partial demo file or online game.

Thanks for playing and helping to improve So Many Problems™ together. If you think you find something that could be better, please let us all know below.

A suggestion could be something as simple as a layout or spacing issue, readability concerns, color preferences, or how we arranged the print-and-play files.

As always, each card in these beta files has “So Many Problems vX.XX” and “Help make this game at” printed on it. This grows our community by offering every interested playtester the chance to get involved. Importantly, almost all cards in the final print files will not include any of that text.

Please note that Version 3.01 is a major version release. Accordingly, it includes our current planned text layout on each card. As this is the most tedious and time-consuming step to creating files, this will not be reflected again until the next major version release of 4.01. Please help us carefully check every card for text layout issues like hyphenated words, only having a single word on a line of a text box, sentences with line breaks that disrupt natural reading cadence or flow, and anything else that “just feels wrong.”

To hear about the changes in the new edition and more, check out this episode of the Join In Games podcast. Thanks again for being a part of making games together!