About the Maker Application category

A Maker is a person who wants to make a game, which is why this place exists. Welcome home. Read this post for more info.

This badge carries significant importance here at TableTopolis because it lets our entire community know who we want to help most. It shows us that you are doing the kind of work we want to support: bringing a new experience into existence for others to share. We’re delighted to be part of your journey, and we hope you’ll join others’ journeys, too.

Create a new topic in this sub-category when you want to start to operate as a Maker. Fill out the topic template form that populates automatically, which gives us some basic info we use to get you set up. We will create a specific New Game Ideas sub-category for you, which you need to use when discussing anything before coming up with your own game(s). If you already have a fledgling idea for a game, or even something already developed,

You’ll be granted the Maker Badge, and you’ll need to go select it as your Title in your profile. This is incredibly critical, as we use this badge and title to ensure others know what might be done with the ideas and suggestions they present in certain spaces. Our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy call this out specifically, and neglecting to display this badge at all times could result in account termination. It’s that important.