2-Player Game - DiceWing™

DiceWing - Just Add Dice™

  • 2 Players
  • 15-20 Minutes
  • Ages 14+


  • Players dice sets must be distinguishable from each other.
  • Both players roll all seven of their dice to form the draft pool. Whoever’s d20 is highest will start as the first player. If the d20s are tied, reroll them until not tied.


  • The first player picks 1 die. The second player picks 2 dice. Then they alternate picking 1 die each until all dice have been drafted. These dice form each player’s Squadron.

Attack Run

  • Players take a moment to evaluate the dice in their opponent’s Squadron. Then they obscure their Squadrons from their opponent’s view using their hand, arm, or something like a cardboard screen.
  • Each player secretly picks two dice, being careful not to accidentally knock any dice onto other sides. They place their two selected dice on their Launch Bay card, also hidden from their opponent.
  • When both players are ready, they simultaneously reveal their Squadron and Launch Bay dice.

Power Calculation
Starting with the first player, each will calculate their Launch Bay dice attack’s total Power aloud, as follows:

  • Initial Power: Start with the combined printed value showing on your dice. Note that d10 or d10% that show 0 or 00 count as 10 or 100, respectively.
  • Training Bonus: Add the value showing on one of your dice to your total if both dice are from the same player’s dice set.
  • Model Bonus: Add the combined value showing on your dice to your total again if the dice have the same number of sides as each other.
  • Targeting Bonus: Add the value showing on one opposing die to your own total if both of your own dice display an odd number. Note that 1 is an odd number.
  • Synchronized Bonus: Add the combined value showing on the opposing dice to your own total if both of your own dice display the exact same number. Note that the d10 and d10% are only considered to be displaying the exact same number on a [d10=10] and [d10%=10] result.

Attack Resolution

  • After both players have calculated their total Power aloud, the highest Power is declared the victor. The first tiebreaker is lowest individual die used, the second is lowest initial Power. If still tied, neither player wins.
  • Before proceeding, the player who used the lowest individual die in this attack must apply Collateral Damage. They select one die in their opponent’s Squadron, and decrease its displayed value by one. Dice cannot go below their lowest side, which is 1 for the d10. Note that if choosing a d10%, they would actually be decreasing it by 10, and the lowest side is 10.
  • The victor captures the opposing die with the most number of sides, and moves it to their Trophy Case area.
  • The other three dice are moved off to the side to the Used area.


  • Repeat the Attack Run through Attack Resolution steps two more times, with each player using six of the seven dice they drafted.
  • Lastly, compare values on each player’s remaining die. The highest value displayed will be the first player for the second draft and beyond. If tied, reroll them until not tied.
  • Move those last dice to the Used area. Players retrieve all of their own dice from the Used area, leaving the dice in each player’s Trophy Case.
  • Each player rolls all of these dice, and combine them to form the second draft pool.

Second Draft

  • Repeat the draft process from above. Note that the draft may end with the first player having one less die than the second player.
  • Now repeat the Attack Run through Attack Resolution until one player has only one or zero dice remaining in their Squadron, with one change: the victor now captures BOTH opposing dice.

Final Victory

  • The player with the most dice in their Trophy Case at the end of the game wins! If tied, players count the number of sides on all of their Trophy Case dice, and the highest total number of sides wins. If still tied, highest individual displayed value wins. If still tied, eliminate those tied highest value dice and compare again until a winner is determined.

Help us improve! If you play this game, tell us about it in Playtesting, or just let us know in the comments below if you like or don’t like something you see!

Thanks in advance for being a part of making games together.

Following today’s playtest, I intend on making some modifications/additions:

  • Expanding to accommodate up to 4 players (maybe more with multiple copies of the game).
  • Games with 3-4 players using a different draft pattern (maybe snake draft, perhaps just the “last” player gets 2 picks in 1st round instead of “second” player).
  • Modifying the d10% to be 1-10, effectively a 2nd d10 in each player’s set.
  • Changing the Targeting Bonus to trigger “if your dice display 2 odd values or 2 even values”.
  • Scoring at game end based on total value displayed on dice you captured (going to try this, but not sold on it yet).

Should have it updated by Thursday, 1/16. Roll and Fight (the 2nd game) should be up by then, too.