2-4 Player Game - Wild Wrestling League™

The championship belt is on the line in the Wild Wrestling League™! Wrestlers from fantasy races and creatures of worlds unknown will throw down to claim the title and their screaming fans’ favor.

This turn-based brawl requires strategic use of your dice to attack your opponents’ stamina with strikes and grapples, and defend your own with blocks and evades to turn the tables. Your dice can also be used to boost an attack or defense, but beware, as your stamina drains each time you’ve used all of your remaining dice!

Your signature move can swing the odds in your favor, but only after you’ve gained enough fervor from the crowd to execute it. Reduce an opponent to 0 stamina to attempt a pin or submission, which destroys one of their dice, but gives them a chance to escape with an extra 10 stamina by rolling a 1-2-3 in three tries. A pin or submission on an opponent with only three dice remaining will win the game.

Three-player games add rescues to keep the fight going, and four-player games can be a free-for-all or a tag team matchup.

Craft your own storylines as you imagine the commentators exclaiming your triumphs, the crowd booing at your defeats, and the ref raising your hand high as you hoist the championship belt!

Will fan-favorite Sledge, the dwarven bodybuilder, pin the Jelly Cube after a torrent of blows, or will it swallow all hope and force Sledge to tap out?

Tonight’s tag team matchup sees Faeswarm and Two Eyes, our bespectacled cyclops, take on Minitaur and the uncontrollable Barbara-arian!