2-4 Player Game - Mission Crit™

Mission Crit™ is a programmed action race to advance your missile launch sequence from 1 to 20 while thwarting your opponents’ plans to do the same.

Your d20 is set to 1, and your other six dice are rolled. Then you take turns assigning one die to advance your sequence and one die to a secret action on your espionage board, such as forcing an advancement die to be rerolled, subtracting a value from the opposing launch sequence if it matches, swapping advancement dice, etc.

After the dice are assigned, the program plays out. Player #1 performs an action of their choice from among the dice on their espionage board, then play proceeds with the next player clockwise applying the first die in their advancement queue and performing an action as well. As dice are used, they are removed from the advancement queue or espionage board. Turns proceed until the round ends with Player #1 applying their final advancement die, or one player applies an advancement die that results in their launch sequence reaching 20. Note that if an advancement die being applied would raise that player’s launch sequence above 20, the excess causes a reduction from 20 by that amount. For example, applying an advancement die of 8 to a d20 showing 17 would cause a result of 15 (8+17=25, 25-20=5, 20-5=15).

At the end of the game, the player with the highest launch sequence wins!