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So Many Problems - The Launch Pad Deluxe Box Early Access Version 3.xx You are so close to finally having So Many Problems. The downloadable demo file is right here, with a streamlined selection of cards for 3 or 4 pl…

2 February 6, 2020
Category Description - So Many Problems

The party game for people with problems. Lightly competitive impromptu storytelling with 2-8 players, each solving a farfetched problem while strategically using seemingly random story elements. Hilarity and ingenuity en…

1 June 8, 2019
New Theme Ideas

Reply here if you have an idea for a new Theme. Give us a title and a short explanation of what kind of Problems, Elements, and/or Trophies you think could make it a great Theme. Also, we need your help to hone in on th…

7 January 2, 2020
Random Card Ideas Go Here

If you have a random idea for a card, we would love to hear it! But before you start: New Theme Ideas - If your idea goes with a new Theme Cards for Existing Themes - If your card idea is for a Theme that’s already …

2 November 11, 2019
Cards for Existing Themes Go Here 1 February 6, 2020
References and Inside Jokes 1 January 22, 2020
Upcoming Product - The Launch Pad Deluxe Box 1 January 8, 2020
Welcome to So Many Problems! 1 December 30, 2019
Major Release Box 01 v3.01 - Give us your suggestions! 1 December 30, 2019